We are Voxes

We are here to help you grow your business based on users feedback

We are working to build the best products to help you build your business quality on users feedback. We know how disappointing it may be to share feedback on used product. We are users of products and we are creating tools for product owners and users. Our goal is to create the shortest and most enjoyable way to share qualitative feedback.

We are open-minded on the business side since the early days trying to create Voxes as an unique workplace. We set our core values from the very beginning caring of product quality, trusted relationships and transparency.

We think that you can create great things wherever you are, that is why we aim to be remote-first company.


Since our launch, we bet on "Default to Transparency" value. You can find a few of our public metrics below.

Public Revenue

We summarize revenue and a few other metrics in the public monthly post.

Our monthly reports
Product Roadmap

You can check Voxes in action. We share product roadmap and plans for the future.

Our product roadmap

Our team

Get to know our team who's creating a product and supporting our customers.



Software engineer experienced in front-end development, who gained experience working at IT companies such as Predica and Microsoft. Computer enthusiast since childhood. Programming is not only a job, but mostly the biggest passion.

Fan of card games and football.


Customer Success

English and Portuguese speaking Customer Service Advisor Specialist, who gained the experience working at worldwide IT company – Capgemini. Responsible for social media and direct contact with customers.

Cat and Italian food lover.



If you think you would fit our team and want to create customer-driven products - drop us a line!

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